What's Your Stadium?

Published By LuskinOIC Foundation 4/16/2024
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Hear about the inspiring stories of Alex and Aria!

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Alex's Story

Water polo is Alex’s stadium to persevere and thrive. Alex had to stop playing his favorite sport due to an unexpected scoliosis diagnosis, but after LuskinOIC CEO Dr. Scaduto operated on Alex and treated his disorder, he was able to get back into the water to compete again.

In the fall of 2024, Alex will be playing water polo at UCLA as a first year. Because of the treatment he received at LuskinOIC, Alex is not only able to play water polo again, but he’s also able to enjoy surfing on the weekends with his dad and friends, helping him remain active and close to those most important to him.

LuskinOIC is committed to delivering timely musculoskeletal care to every child who needs it. Your generous recurring gift makes us your stadium to champion all children in need of healing.

Aria's Story

Archery is Aria’s stadium to persevere and thrive. Aria was gifted a bow and arrow at an early age and her abilities quickly became clear, but soon her skills outgrew her equipment. As her family couldn’t keep up with the costs to upgrade Aria’s gear, they were grateful to use borrowed equipment. Some of the equipment was a bit heavier than she was ready for, resulting in serious injuries to both shoulders.

Aria’s injuries showed up at an awful time. She was about to shoot in the World Youth Team Trials, vying for a spot on the team to compete in Ireland, when the pain in her shoulders became too much. Aria had to lower her draw weight to beginner levels, and her entire season was a loss as she shifted her focus to rehabilitation and strength training. 

Aria visited the outstanding rehab center at LuskinOIC where she began physical therapy with her sports medicine provider, Dr. Goldman. Under the treatment of a dedicated team of therapists led by Christine Caron, Aria was given the tools she needed to heal and prevent future injuries. Since her treatment at LuskinOIC, Aria has gotten stronger and now trains in a more purposeful, mature way. Aria has even found the strength to help earn money to pay for the costs of becoming a competitor by walking dogs, which brings her a lot of joy.

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