Expert Pediatric Orthopedic Care

Pediatric Orthopaedic Urgent Care

Skip the ER and walk in for essential urgent and trauma medical care for fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains and other injuries, from medical experts focused exclusively on kids.

Minimize your waiting room time – save your spot now.


Walk-ins welcome. No appointment necessary.

Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm

Closed: Saturday and Sunday


(213) 742-1162


403 West Adams Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90007


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Join us in our mission to provide outstanding services for all kids, one child at a time, through education and patient center care.

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Patient Care is our Priority

Our mission is to provide exceptional care for children and their families.

LuskinOIC's exclusive dedication to pediatric orthopedics has established it as the primary choice for a wide range of issues, including sports and playground injuries, fractures, and even the most uncommon musculoskeletal disorders.

Meet our doctors

Meet Our Doctors

Our expert team of physicians help children get back to smiles, fun and feeling well again.

Unlocking Equity for Healthcare in California

Unlocking healthcare equity for California’s children.

LuskinOIC is a nonprofit that depends on the philanthropic support of our community. Your generosity sustains innovative, family-centered patient care, fulfilling LuskinOIC's mission to safeguard children's health and ensure no child is turned away.

Ivanna's Story

Imagine that your four year old princess has to wear a “crown,” which in reality is a medical device that must stay attached to her skull for 15 hours a day. Ivanna has severe scoliosis, three missing ribs and a dislocated heart. Her red hair is covered with a halo she calls her “Corona de Princesa” – her Princess Crown. Wearing it prepares her for the coming surgeries she will have at LuskinOIC, which will help her stand straighter and breathe easier as she grows.

Patient Ambassador Image

Our Patient Ambassador is front page news!

The LA Times profiled our Patient Ambassador Efrain on the front page of the Friday, March 25th edition.


We’re the FIRST medical facility on the West Coast to be KultureCity certified as “sensory inclusive”

LuskinOIC has obtained a certification to better support individuals with sensory sensitivities, commonly associated with conditions like autism, dementia, and PTSD. The primary challenges for such individuals often include sensitivity to overstimulation and noise, particularly in healthcare environments. This certification equips LuskinOIC to offer a more comfortable and accommodating experience for patients with sensory sensitivities during their medical visits. Families planning a visit can use the free KultureCity App to access information on available sensory features and how to utilize them. The app also includes a Social Story, providing a preview of what to expect at LuskinOIC.