Reflections on the Legacy of Lannie Tonnu: Celebrating Her Leadership ‌

Published By LuskinOIC Foundation 7/9/2024

Saying "goodbye" to our CFO, Lannie Tonnu, who dedicated herself to our mission for the past eight years, is challenging. Fortunately, she will continue to support us as a donor and attend our events in the future, so instead of saying "goodbye," we can say "see you later!" Or, as Lannie herself said at her retirement BBQ, "Hasta luego!"

Living day-to-day without her guidance, grace, care, concern, empathy, knowledge, acumen, and expertise will certainly be challenging for us. We are grateful for her many accomplishments during her tenure at LuskinOIC. She implemented new accounting protocols, oversaw investments that yielded great returns, and managed the New Market Tax Credit program that generated more than $2 million for LuskinOIC. She also navigated us through COVID-19 and expanded our services while tirelessly working to enhance staff retention.

"Lannie has worn many hats," said Dr. Tony Scaduto. "From finance, investments, and audit to compliance officer, HR, patient access, and information systems. But perhaps the most important role Lannie has played is that of friend and advisor. I can never thank her enough for those contributions."

Thanks to Lannie Tonnu, LuskinOIC's future looks bright. Thank you, Lannie! We wish you happiness, joy, and good health throughout your retirement. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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