Meet the Radiology Team!

Published By LuskinOIC Foundation 4/19/2024
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Learn more about our amazing Radiology team at LuskinOIC.

The radiologic technologists at LuskinOIC specialize in operating diagnostic imaging examinations on their patients. As the demographic of their patients are young children, they ensure that the process is comfortable for them, explaining the procedures step-by-step, and assuring them that they are under the best care. Not only do the department members love what they do, they also love working together and functioning as an effective team.

At LuskinOIC, the radiology staff strives for excellence, perfection, and providing the utmost care for every child, including those in underserved communities.

The Radiology team has previously received an Outstanding Clinical Site Award in Medical Imaging from the Charles R. Drew University College of Science and Health. LuskinOIC is so lucky to have such an incredible Radiology team!

Meet the Team

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