LuskinOIC in Motion: Spring 2023

Published By LuskinOIC Foundation 4/26/2023
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Spring 2023: Celebrating LuskinOIC's Milestones and Innovations

The Spring 2023 edition of Motion has been published and can be found below. Inside this issue, you will find stories on LuskinOIC’s many accomplishments, appointments, and recognitions from the past two years, including articles on the UCLA-affiliated Orthopedic Institute’s official name change to The Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children and the launch of the Save My Spot platform, plus an interview with Dr. Rachel Thompson highlighting the Institute’s long track record of bridging the gender equity gap in orthopaedics, and an interview with Dr. Edward Cheung discussing the benefits of adding an adult orthopaedic clinic to LuskinOIC’s downtown Los Angeles campus. A publication directed to a growing community of orthopaedic providers and researchers, this particular edition showcases LuskinOIC’s tested and enduring commitment to promoting children’s health and wellness.

Dr. Scaduto writes, “I am filled with gratitude and pride to say that in the face of each challenge experienced over the past two years, LuskinOIC sought solutions that made us more effective and compassionate as healthcare providers. Our community of professionals, volunteers, and advocates grew in size and in their determination to advance health equity for every child in Los Angeles and beyond.”

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