Brithney: From Patient to Volunteer

Published By LuskinOIC Foundation 4/19/2024
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Hear about Brithney's story, from being a patient at LuskinOIC for 10 years to becoming fully recovered and now a volunteer.

Brithney has been a patient with LuskinOIC for 10 years. When she was 8 years old, she met Dr. Bernthal for a cyst removal. In 2014, a year later, her cyst had grown significantly and she had her first surgery a few weeks later. The second surgery happened due to a fractured bone, and she needed a hip brace and walker for a year. After Brithney's pain resurfaced, Dr. Bernthal's team suggested that she needed chemotherapy, which she received weekly, then monthly, then every three months, and then every six months, as she was improving. However, during her senior year of high school, her pain had returned. After returning to visit Dr. Bernthal again, he found another tumor, so they proceeded with another surgery in 2021.

Half a year ago, Brithney became a volunteer for LuskinOIC and is currently pursuing a degree in biology and wants to become an orthopedic surgeon. She now dances at school, participates in taekwondo, and is learning four languages. It is inspiring to see how Brithney has overcome all the physical challenges she has faced in her life, and now aspires to help others in the future.

Brithney's Journey


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