Maryeri's Story

Maryeri Acosta, an 18-year-old woman from Azacualpa, Honduras, was born as a twin whose sibling passed away shortly after birth. Maryeri faced a life of challenges due to a congenital condition discovered when she was six months old, leaving her parents struggling to find medical care in their rural area. At 13, Maryeri began experiencing severe leg pain that she suffered through for years while her family saved money for trips to Ruth Paz Hospital in San Pedro Sula to treat her. This routine persisted for three years, but unfortunately, the hospital lacked the resources needed to help her condition, which worsened over time.

Maryeri experienced fatigue and increasing pain over the years, stemming from everything from long walks to standing, and she had difficulty lying down due to her spine deformity. These challenges hindered her education, causing her to stop attending school at 14. Diagnosed with Congenital Kyphosis of the Thoracolumbar Region, she was eventually connected with the World Pediatric Project (WPP) through Ruth Paz Hospital, which led to a consultation with Dr. Scaduto, LuskinOIC CEO and president, during his mission trip to Honduras. Dr. Scaduto determined that Maryeri needed to have the surgery in Los Angeles. However, her journey to California for surgery faced many setbacks, including a denied visa even with the advocacy efforts by WPP to secure one.

Finally arriving in Los Angeles in February 2024 with her sister, Maryeri underwent two surgeries in March to address her condition. The procedures aimed to remove an extra vertebrae and straighten her spine with fusion and a rod. Despite the complexity of the surgeries, the medical team achieved remarkable results, even surpassing expectations. Maryeri, once shorter than her sister, grew taller and experienced a miraculous transformation.

After a two-month follow-up in LA, she plans to return to Honduras where Dr. Scaduto will continue monitoring her progress during future mission trips. Despite her medical challenges, Maryeri remains optimistic and has aspirations to pursue cosmetology to become a hairdresser. LuskinOIC’s mission to serve patients like Maryeri is fueled by your steadfast support. Your generosity and care make cases like hers possible here in LA and beyond.