Arturo's Story

Arturo Hernandez’s life was saved by an injury he received playing the sport he loves – soccer.

Like most little boys, Arturo loves to play. But after a soccer game, he went to his mom in extreme pain. Worried, she took him to the local ER where the diagnosis was “nothing broken.” Arturo’s continued discomfort prompted his primary care doctor to refer him to the specialists at OIC.

Still in agony, and within an hour of arriving at OIC, x-rays were reviewed, and the experts at OIC diagnosed Arturo with a tumor. He was sent right away to UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital, where immediate tests showed a cancerous bone mass in his knee.

He’s since undergone chemotherapy and recently had surgery. And thanks to OIC’s generous donors, not only have all of the medical costs not paid by insurance been covered, but Arturo’s transportation needs for chemo, surgery, and follow-up care have also been sponsored by the members of the Charitable Children’s Guild. None of this would be possible without our donors.

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