Annual Volunteer Luncheon

Published By LuskinOIC Foundation 5/15/2024

LuskinOIC Volunteers Recognized at Luncheon

On Wednesday, April 28th, LuskinOIC celebrated the outstanding achievements of over 100 talented adult and student volunteers who reached significant milestones, ranging from 100 to 3,500 hours of service. These dedicated hours were contributed through various activities, such as assisting staff, spending time with patients, fundraising, and serving as board or committee members.

The event started with heartfelt testimonials from Ortho High volunteers Isabel Marquez and Kimberly Ferreira, and then speeches from long-time volunteers, Jeffrey and Claudia Prestine. Dr. James V. Luck, Jr., the keynote speaker, spoke about the rich history of LuskinOIC and the profound impact of its volunteers, recognizing them as the backbone of LuskinOIC's identity and work.

Four awards were presented during the ceremony: the Exceptional Dedication & Commitment Award went to Nancy Rossi and Debbie Clark for their enduring support through the Charitable Children’s Guild; the Adult Volunteer of the Year went to Danya Fatehi; and the Youth Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Rocio Gomez. To conclude the awards portion, President and CEO Dr. Anthony Scaduto honored the Prestine family—Joan, Doug, Jeff, Claudia, Lulu, and Mateo Prestine—as the LuskinOIC Family Volunteers of the Year.

Closing remarks were delivered by Board of Directors Chair Craig Ehrlich, who expressed gratitude and admiration for all the volunteers, acknowledging their pivotal role in advancing LuskinOIC's mission to promote health equity one child at a time.