Lizeth's Story

From Lizeth’s Family:

Imagine not knowing that your daughter was fighting to ignore a horrible pain because she wanted so much to celebrate her 14th birthday. Once you learned she was in pain, you had an X-ray taken. Then you were told what every parent fears – that your child had malignant bone cancer. Being uninsured, and so having no surgeons available in their home state of Nevada to take care of their daughter, Lizeth’s parents turned to OIC’s Dr. Nick Bernthal. He removed the tumor and replaced the affected tibia with an implant, saving Lizeth’s leg. After her surgery in Los Angeles, Lizeth returned to Nevada for a series of chemotherapy treatments, and by May 1, 2016 was cancer-free! Lizeth’s family was not burdened with excessive medical bills because the care was provided free of charge, thanks to the generous donors of OIC and our partnership with UCLA Health. Now Lizeth can celebrate her birthdays free of pain!

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