Golden's Story

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing expert medical care is nearby when your child needs it.

Heather needed it for her beautiful daughter, Golden. Born prematurely, Golden spent 11 days in the hospital before the family went home together for the first time. Just three days later, Golden fell ill.

The family went to the local emergency room, at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, where Dr. Mauricio Silva, OIC Medical Director, was on call. He examined Golden immediately. After a thorough evaluation, he recognized that she had a serious infection in her knee.

If this infection had worsened, it could have caused permanent damage or become life-threatening. Instead, Dr. Silva performed surgery, and put Golden on a course of antibiotics. She responded well, and is now 100% recovered.

At Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC), we understand that every moment between a parent and child is special. “My great joy, in addition to helping Golden get better, is that my team and I were able to tell her parents they could finally be together with their child. It was safe to go home,” says Dr. Silva.

When a crisis happens, whether because of a broken bone, a sports injury or a rare orthopedic condition, OIC offers expert and compassionate care, so that families can get back to being families—full of love, support and play.

OIC depends on the generosity of donors to deliver world-class care, research and education. Because children like Golden deserve to have the best care available, right around the corner when they need it.