Christian's Story

From Christian:

I fell from the monkey bars at camp, and my left arm hurt so much. We went to the Emergency Room, and the doctor examined me. He gave me a temporary cast because they didn’t have the right size brace for me. The doctor said I should see a pediatric orthopedist at OIC. That’s how I met Dr. [Mauricio] Silva. And “Ozzie, the dragon.” I got to choose the colors for my new cast – orange and yellow. Ozzie colors! It was a hot cast! I wish my mom and I had known about OIC, so I could have come here first. Everything was just for kids like me, and really interesting, too. I like mechanical engineering, so it was fun to watch how the X-ray machine tilted around to get the best pictures and how the casts are removed. And now my arm is all fixed up. That’s the best. Now, I can do anything. But I don’t do monkey bars.