Bibiana's Story

When 17-year-old Bibiana Mashamba was 10, intruders ransacked her home in Tanzania and cut off her right leg and two fingers. As horrible as the incident was, it wasn’t the young girl’s first brush with tragedy. Bibiana and her sister, Tindi, both of whom are albino, also lost their parents to AIDS.


Bibiana's Story

Incredibly, Tanzania’s first albino member of parliament, Al-Shymaa Kway-Geer, saw their story and adopted the two girls. Because albinos are mistreated and often the victims of crimes in Africa, the politician and activist, who had herself been victimized, immediately felt for the sisters and was happy to take them in. 

But Bibiana eventually outgrew the artificial limb she was given after the tragic accident. Aside from living in pain, she feared that she wouldn’t be able to run with her old prosthesis, which didn’t even bend at the knee, if she was ever attacked again. 

With the support of several organizations, in April 2015, Bibiana and her family traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Dr. Anthony Scaduto, who would serve as her very own pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

After her first consultation with Dr. Scaduto, she visited the Hanger Inc. facility in Encino, CA, to begin the fitting process for her new prosthesis. 

While Dr. Scaduto and the team at Hanger Inc. worked closely to develop a plan of care for Bibiana, which included physical therapy to improve her gait, she and her family stayed comfortably at the Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena.

Because of her doctors and the care she received at OIC, now Bibiana can not only run, but she lives without pain and without fear.