As'ad's Story

A Journey of Faith from Patient to Ambassador for OIC

This year, through our International Children’s Program, we met a brave 10 year-old Nigerian, As’ad Kashim, who was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and/or other impairments. His muscles were so constricted he could only squat like a baseball catcher and hobble about. His mom, Sha’awa, searched feverishly—but fruitlessly—in Africa, India, and Saudi Arabia for someone to help him walk. Without an appointment, but with a lot of hope, the Kashim family arrived in our lobby.

Following a thorough assessment and discussions with the family, Dr. Anthony Scaduto, assisted by surgical resident Dr. Allis, performed six hours of surgery on As’ad’s ankles, hamstrings, and knees. Once As’ad’s post-operative casts and braces were removed, he began extensive physical therapy, which he continues to participate in today, seeing continual improvement.

A giver himself, even at such a young age, As’ad has inspired others with his tenacity of spirit by sharing his amazing story with OIC supporters. He has continued his journey of faith and recovery by walking across a dance floor, surrounded by 170 cheering guests, and has spoken at multiple OIC events, expressing his gratitude for our donors’ “support to cover the cost of” his care.

As’ad also volunteers at an orphanage, reading to children with CP. He is the true definition of courage, determination, and selflessness – a great spirit who now has the opportunity to bring his special gifts to the world more fully and easily, thanks to our OIC family.

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